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We are a passionate group of people, Based in Ukraine, creating high quality stores and apps

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Shopify theme customisation
Shopify Plus
Shopify 2.0
Headless eCommerce (React+Node) and Polaris (React)
Shopify Audit
SEO optimization
UI/UX web design and branding
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Transparent billing
We provide a detailed decomposition and estimation of the project, build a team based on the scope of the project, so you always can see what kind of work you are paying for.
Clean communication
The success of the project depends on the quality of communication within the team, so we are as open as possible and initiate communication with you in the format: Weekly stand-ups, calls reporting, detailed documentation, communication in Slack, etc.
Code quality insurance
The quality of the written code directly affects the optimization, speed and convenience of shopping, so every developer is a true professional and knows how to implement a store or application in the best way.
Detailed reporting and deliverables
All our processes are transparent so you can track progress at all stages of the project. We provide all the reporting so that you can understand the status of the project and how to manage the store without development in the end.
Our amazing works

Case studies

Barner Brand

We've been working on Shopify 2.0 migration, custom development, website optimisation and constant maintenance. We made this project entirely as part of a team and implemented Shopify solutions that help our client achieve their goals most efficiently.

Nectar Sleep

For the last two years, we have been providing support and fully covering the front-end development of the website. We have already made: the transition to Shopify Plus and Shopify 2.0, bundles functionality, and the comparison feature. Also, we provide constant maintenance for conversion optimization.


Our team covered the whole front-end part of the project. We have created a connection between the logic of the brands’ admin panel and customers so the average user receives all the necessary information about the product and the brand. Under the hood, we use modern technologies (Shopify as the core of the admin panel for managing collections, Strapi for managing content on the site, and Next.js js for the UI, which makes the platform fast and easy to use on different devices).
What our clients say about us

Our reviews

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We have been amazingly surprised since the very beginning about their professionalism and technical skills. We knew that moving to Shopify 2.0 was not going to be an easy task, but they handled everything perfectly and I was happily surprised about the deep technical knowledge of the developers. Without any doubt, Grandz is an amazing partner to bring your Shopify store to the next level, great professionals and better human beings. Keep rocking Grandz team!
Edu Gaya
Co-Founder and CEO at Barner
I can certainly leave you a 5 star review! Love the new website - and it does appear to have improved conversions. Everyone definitely likes it more.
CEO at Prestige Botanicals
After replacing multiple agencies for inferior performance, I found Grandz. From day one their dedication and diligence was way beyond anything I had worked with previously. Not only was their scripting high level, but they thought through problems, getting ahead of issues new features were going to cause. Their commitment and resourcefulness has lead to Grandz being my go-to agency, and I have been working with them for a few years now. Cannot recommend highly enough
Patrick Ross
Director at Nectar Sleep
The Grandz team covered the whole front-end part of the project. They created a connection between the logic of the brands’ admin panel and customers so that the average user receives all the necessary information about the product and the brand. Also, they focused on little things, such as displaying the time and date of delivery depending on the country, convenient search and navigation, uncluttered UI, and much more.
Camiel van Dooren
CEO at Productpine
I really liked working with them. They were quick to understand my requests and they were proactive when they identified areas and functionality that weren't clearly defined. They asked questions before doing it, which is great. I would definitely hire again.
Erez Zundy
CEO at Hairsome
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